Simplify Your Investments Strategy Today: There are a lot of people that don't want to hire a traditional financial advisor (for a variety of reasons). They want to be do-it-yourself investors. Unfortunately, there is so much information out there that often times people don't know where to begin or get caught up in information overload. Investing for retirement doesn't have to be complicated, but it should be done right. We can help provide guidance.

Simply Put: Divvy Investments serves as your Chief Investment Officer. It is an online subscription based tool designed to make investing easier for the do-it-yourself investor.
We don't hold funds or ask you to link your accounts to us. We provide asset allocation recommendations and rebalancing alerts for about $1 per day.

How it Works

When you sign up, you will receive a recommended asset allocation for your investments based on your risk tolerance. In addition, we will provide you with specific, low cost index funds or ETF (exchange traded funds that track an index) that will fit into the recommended allocation model. You continue to invest on your own (we do NOT hold funds or ask you to link your accounts to us) and we send you alerts when you need to rebalance.



Click step 1 to begin
Identify your risk profile.
We ask you a handful of questions and recommend an asset allocation model based on your answers.


Choose your investment model.
You can choose to either use our recommendation or a different model if you'd like.


Create your profile.


Choose billing frequency.
Monthly ($35)
Annually ($360)
When the model  needs to be rebalanced we will let you know.


  • Our mission is to help simplify retirement investing. We recommend asset allocation models and send alerts when the models need to be rebalanced.


  • Be passionate: about life, family, friends, and our awesome customers.
  • Evolve via education: learn something new and teach someone else.
  • Make Mama proud: do the right thing.

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